Connie Chadwell’s Drawings and Paintings


Tango Drama No. 5



Hi there and thanks for stopping by my website.  Every day I sketch people going about their daily lives and I often attend life drawing sessions to draw from the posed model.  To see more of my artwork and learn the stories behind the creation of these and other pieces, please click here to visit my blog at Hackberry Street Studio.





Bobbie Looking Up
Bobbie Looking Up

Wherever there are people, there are subjects for my artwork. I have a lifelong fascination with the figure and never miss an opportunity to draw or paint from life. In the case of dancers and other “fast movers”, I usually do quick gestures, then paint final versions from memory. Some of my best gesture drawings have been done on napkins in restaurants, bars and other places where people gather.



Warming Up


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 5.23.53 PM
Woman Reading


I have combined drawings and paintings on my website and blog, because I often use “painting media” for drawings and “drawing media” for paintings.  For instance, oil pastel has been considered mainly a drawing and sketching media, but for me, it can be for either drawing or painting.  And I love to draw with oil paint, twisting the brush or stick to create the lines I use to describe my subjects.


Red Floor
Looking Around



Blue Flamenco


Lindy, Sitting












Cello Practice